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This games story telling/story fucking sucks - im sorry but my honest opinion

I really enjoyed playing Chapter 1 and im a little bummed that its been a while and still no chapter 2. The scares were perfect . I look forward to playing chapter 2 whenever it comes out :)

What an awesome example of horror game pacing! Not only were the scares super well distributed with some jump and some just thought-provoking, but the environment building and use of audio was top-notch!

The only minor suggestion I would have is to add a few more interactions in the various environments to add a bit more world-building. Not necessary, but could be more engaging!

Would absolutely love to see a Chapter 2!

I can tell this game was made with love, there was a lot of attention to detail here.  The ghost was creepy, the house had a decent layout and the plot was straightforward.

Very creepy in certain areas, it felt unsettling too! 

My playthrough of your game

This was one of the best Horror games ive played in a really long time! I really hope that Chapter 2 is being developed becuase I am really excited to see this story continue!

loved the game. thankyou!!

awesome i love the game and it's really scary keep up the good work 

I claimed it from the givaway but It is not working and I cant download it and it looks like a REALLY good game so That is a BIG shame..

Epic! Can't wait for Chapter 2 :))

i absolutely want more. 

tried to download and wont allow it. it looked really good so thats a shame.


nvm i got it on steam.


The dev didn't set up the game to work with the itch client.

same :(

Are you thinking of doing part 2? I saw it 2 years ago, part 2 hasn't appeared yet

This gmae sis acctally realy scary


Got the whole chapter 1 from Steam and it was amazing!!!!..Can't wait to play the next chapters,very good job and very interesting story!!

really liked it 

Gráficamente está muy bien. Juego corto pero aterradorrrr

played this on my youtube channel loved the game i was spooked and it did really good for people seeing the game so thank you for making this game GHOST OF TOMORROW (DEMO) - YouTube

For how short the demo was, i really enjoyed it and cant wait to play the entire thing.

EdLioni, I thought the idea and concept of your game was really cool, I wanted to ask you two questions, the first question is if the game will soon be on Mobile Platforms, I heard that there are few horror games there, so I wanted to know about it, the other question will the game have more languages?

Comments below clip;

If you don't want to know what tomorrow entails, play this game and you'll be happy for ever after.

Sometimes it's best not to know.

This is one of those cases.

Don't believe me?

Play the game!


Game was great! I was definitely interested in the story and the direction it was headed into. and dont get me started on the scares! back to back as well as unexpected great work !

Awesome graphics and atmosphere! Love it!

If you like horror games, please subscribe and help my channel grow, thanx!

Not a bad little game, good work :)

Okay. Probably the most disturbing game I have played this year so far!
The story was so gripping and thought it was clever, especially at the end, "I was at your funeral." Like oof, what's happening here?

Here is my gameplay of chapter 1. Please check it out! I cannot wait for more chapters.

Since I deleted the original video, I made on this in 2019 when the demo came out, I decided to pay it a revisit. Tbh it still holds up might pick up Chapter 1 sometime in the near future. I believe I had recorded the early access though as I remember being able to walk in that blue hallway. But I don't have that itch account anymore, but the demo isn't bad.

I'm so impressed with this game. The scares are on point and the story is intriguing. Also the effect on a family due to the incident is fascinating. I look forward so much to chapter two!

Intense!, SO INTENSE!!!  LOVED IT!
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Great game!!!! I recommend everyone to play this game!!! Can't wait for other chapters!

Buenas! Les dejo mi experiencia en español (con todos los textos traducidos)... Para mi fue uno de los mejores de terror que probé en 2021, no solo por el ambiente sino por la historia. Espero que salga pronto el segundo capítulo y, ojalá quieran darle apoyo también a mi canal. Un abrazo Ed!! Muy buen trabajo!!!

Very cool and terrifying. Hope to see more chapters of this game.

Awesome demo! Will more than likely play the full game! Your game is the 2nd one in this video <3  K

eep up the awesome work!

I have only had the chance to play the demo so far, but I really enjoyed it. The pacing and atmosphere are good and I'm interested to find out more about the story. I am looking forward to playing the full game in the near future.

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Very good (start). The developer has a keen eye and a great sense of pacing, art direction, and storytelling. The first chapter really felt like a teaser and didn't give the whole breadth of the programming potential, which leave with the question - how dynamic will the game world and storyline be in the final release? Maybe the question are intentially generated... well done!


I have played the demo and loved it. This Chapter One is so much better! The story line is great as well as the graphics! Cant wait for part two !! Game here and subscribe ! 


I have major problems with this game when I try to run it runs like crap and then when it finally loaded the title screen it would not let me click on anything. I could not start a new game I could not get into settings to see if maybe they were set too high I couldn't do anything. Then when I pressed my windows key to get it to at least allow me to get back to the desktop and close the windows of the game not working I go over to the icon of the game on the bottom bar of the windows screen to find that game opened two copies of the game and I had to close them both. The first time I saw this I thought I might have been responsible by over clicking the file to start the game but it did this to me a second and the second I know for sure it was not my fault because I may real sure to only double click on the file to start the game once and wait and when I went to close it due to it having the same issues already mentioned I see that it also had open to copies of the game. Both times nothing I clicked on the title screen would work for me the game would not take me past the title screen. I am a bit disappointed because I really wanted to see what this game was about.

Hey man sorry about that. I've had people report this issue as well but I have been unable to figure out the problem. If you can send me a video recording of your screen while running the game and send it to me I might be able to understand the problem. That is of course if you're willing to do it. You can send it to my email: thanks!

No because i have sense erased off my computer and it caused it to crash twice. I untl I know it is fixed will not be downloading it again. Also I need the space for other games. 

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