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Walking face-first into the darkness, and didn't even see. But now I know, I was staring at the silhouette of Amanda. My heart dropped when I realized. The demo was a pretty decent experience. Scary enough for me to purchase the early access. So I played both and crammed them into a video!

Great work!

Nice job! This feels very smooth and the scares that got me were very genuine. I'm going to absolutely check out the full product once it releases on Steam!

Nice game here is my

Just played the demo, some jumpscares really got me....! Can't wait for the full game!

This game definitely scared the heck out of me lol! Loved it and look forward to possibly checking out the early access on Steam! Check out my full review here

when i opened the game and i clicked the play button nothing was happening for me very odd.

A unique game.  Visually, beautiful.  Scary.  Check out my reaction!

very nice atmosphere. had fun watching this guy got scared! :D

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The game had its moments of scare jumps that got us good.

That one jump scare got me good. Loved the atmosphere

. The middle was a little slow, but I did enjoy the focus on the story rather then jump scares.

Tried out the Update!

Nice job. I will echo what others have said that the sound design in this is fantastic. Realizing what the "whirr" sound was after you find the handwritten note was really exciting. However, I would urge that if you use unity in this way that you provide some gamma correction options. The dark parts of the house weren't scary, they were just......impossible to see in. This is a common thing with monitors Of A Certain Age. Overall it's looking great.

This was the scariest game I have ever played and I have played alot

This indie horror game will keep your heart beating. Are you a killer? What happened to your family? The line between fate and reality starts to blur. Nothing begins to make sense. Can you identify who you are and what you've done?

WOW! Great game, I was really impressed. I'll be uploading a video soon. I just wanted to let you know that I could not click on the poster at the end on the dining room table. I reloaded from the bathroom and the second time around I had the hand icon for a second then it changed and I couldn't click on it. Third time around i just looked down at the floor then rapid fire clicked as I looked at the poster and it worked.

Overall, some very creative scares and the ambiance was fantastic. 👻👍

This genuinely made me jump! I really enjoyed the off putting sounds in this! 


Hey thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)

A very good game scared me XD i had to restart few times game in order to pick up newspaper at end of the game. Keep up the good work ^^ 

Thank you! I'm looking into that bug, cause other people get it too.

Thank you, otherwise i loved it :)

absolutely amazing, but at one point i couldn't pick up a thing i needed to progress and i was stuck for about 10 minutes but stuff like that happens and you just gotta reload the game. all around 9.5/10 keep it up and i want to see what happens next :

Thank you :). May I ask, what part you got stuck?

That was really really good, i legit enjoyed that so much and it scared the F outta me, keep up the good work, dev.. really fun experience ^^

hey thanks man :)

The game was really intreasting i hate playing scary games but since trying to grow and play scary games i enjoyed it so i would like to see more games and good luck it was a amazing expericene.

Thank you :)

I really liked this game. Enjoyed the atmosphere and the story that slowly took place. Suggestion: you don't need to explain everything. You don't need to two bits of text that explain the time slips or anything like that, it takes away from the narrative and pulls the curtain back where it shouldn't. (That is, show don't tell.) I appreciate that you don't use cheap jumpscares and that you slowly show who is who in this game.

Thank you! Yeah I thought about removing those texts, maybe I'll make them shorter and more suggestive.

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I really like what You were going for in this one, and I want to see a full release in the near future. This Game had me on edge for most part of it's duration. Suggestion I'd like to give you is, I want to see some form of "narration" on the Story, reading long notes can be tedious, kinda kills the pacing of the game for Me.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it :)

I love this game, scared me to death, good job!

Thank you :)

This game is kinda creepy, i hope you make more games 

Thanks :)

This game nearly gave me a heart attack! I loved it and can’t wait to play more! Check out my gameplay!


Thank you!

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here:


1. The graphics. I mean it's so cool that the character has a shadow, we can see her hands holding a flashlight, the rooms are so detailed dand interesting to look at. The game looks very fine.

2. The story, lore. I like that there is something more to the game than just a ghost story. I'm really interested in what will in the full version be.

3. I like that you introduced different concepts in this version of the game. The player not just walks from one room to another. There are some looptie-loops, story-telling, environment-changing. Great!


1. I would like to see an option of reading texts in a different more readable overlay. The text is fine but there are lots of small prints that get hard to read after a while.

2. That's a bit strange that we have a flashlight right off the bat, but our phone has to be found.

3. You have working shadows but no working mirrors. They kinda reflect stuff but not if you are looking right into them. That would be nice to be able to see your reflection. Though, maybe it goes against some lore or the concept. Then no changes are needed.


I enjoyed this game a lot! The disadvantages are kinda neat-picky but I just wanted to point out some things from which the game could possibly benefit. This was lots of fun! Great 5/5 experience!

Hope my feedback was useful!

Hey thank you for the feedback, appreciate it :)

I must say, I love the atmosphere and the scares were just too good, Keep it up you guys!

Gotta say what this game lacks in jump scares, more than makes up for in atmosphere. The story of this game is very intriguing, and it's very well designed! Enjoyed this game very much and I look forward to seeing more!

Surprisingly impressive. Looking forward to a fully finished version. Would do well on Steam!


This game was really fun  and I can’t wait for the full release! Have fun watching my freak out reactions here XD 

(P.s. my face cam is back as of this video!)

Never have we jumped harder at a game

Hey man i loved this game! made a vid for each update! keep it coming

I really enjoyed this game 

Wow was this a surprising little gem of a game! I hadn't previously heard of the game but man was I impressed. Really great job, dev!

Hey thank you!

last time I play this it was like last year so I played it again.

So I absolutely loved this game. Had some great scares and honestly made me uneasy at times. Well worth the play. Ill link my letsplay If you or anyone is interested. Small Island Woes is also apart of the letsplay so check that one out if you havent seen it! Thanks!


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

Adorei, jogava este jogo na minha infancia. Obrigado por colocar ele de graça (1 real é muito caro).

A part of it got cut off because it kinda was lagging at a certain part, but everything else is pretty smooth and good. Very good, very scary. Really enjoyed the jump scares. I can't wait for the full release of the game! Loved it! 

-Smooches, XxMelodicaxX

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There is a bug at the very end, you cant pick up the newspaper about dad D: 
Nice game though !
Tortured my boyfriend so I really appreciate it !!

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Thank you! How long ago did you download the game? It might be an older version that had that bug.

Ghost Of Tomorrow

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