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I loved this game so much, the section with the first encounter with a Raptor... dude my game, that terrified me so much, great work, can't wait for the full release man!  Here is my video on it

This is dinosaur game is freaking me out!

This game was really scary


I'm late on this one. :D 4/5


I recently downloaded your demo from Steam.  It looks very promising!  I hope you will continue working on it!  Im looking forward to the next update.

Is the demo on Steam the same as the demo here?  Thank you!!

can you do this have survival

i havent played it yet bc its downloading but i can tell its 

p      o      g

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hi person, i was wondering if u had a good screenshot of the game for a youtube vid cuz i am not good at thumbnails. if u could reply soon that would be great :D oh and dont worry i know its a demo so i will say that its not the finished thing

nvm my pc couldnt run it idk why

maybe in teh future

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The demo keeps trying to download as an HTML file. 
Now I'm getting Http 403 errors?


Hey man that's really weird.  Have you previosly downloaded games on itchio with no problems?

Sure have, there's some real gems on here. I take it by your response, that I'm the only person to report something like this?


Yes. And I havn't updated the game recently. If u want, give me your email so I can give you a link to my drive and download it from there.

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Sure. I'll message it to you, thanks. *edit* apparently, that is not a thing on Itch. I'll try to figure something else out, not gonna post my email publicly.


Email me at:

I've been a fan of dinosaurs and scary things since I was a child, so got very excited to play this!

Let me say that the dinosaur models look very nice, as does the world (especially the brachio part) but that's unfortunately the only thing I enjoyed..

At the current stage, it's more of a walking simulator with some dinosaurs thrown in. There's just one path you have to follow and some parts just feel useless (such as the first entrance between the rocks.. nothing happens at all).

Also the only 'combat' moment, sneaking past the raptors, barely works.. The raptors don't get distracted by the rocks half of the time, or they walk around the boulders towards the rocks, and end up behind you instead.

There's also no 'scary' elements in the game at all. I do not feel any tension, only annoyance at times with the issue described above with the rocks. The raptors now look at you in daylight 5 feet away from you and don't see you somehow.. Maybe make the game set during night time, unknown where enemies might be lurking, watching.. having to move with more caution.

I'm sorry for the criticism, I know that creating a game is hard and I could not do it myself, but I do hope that my words can help you in the project though!

I've also made a video on my experience playing the game, where I critique all the points mentioned above.

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hey man really appreciate the critique. There somethings I'd like to point out.

There were a few times you threw rocks pretty far away from the raptor, I programmed the raptors so that they can't hear from too far away, this way you dont have all three raptors chasing after the rock from any location. Thats why when you threw one rock that a raptor heard,  you were surpised the raptor "cameback" and spotted you. However, thats not the same raptor, that is another raptor that was closer to you and didnt heard the rock. 

Another part of your video, u threw the rock after the raptor spotted (if a raptor spots u, they will obviously ignore the rock and continue to chase you like any animal in real life would do).

There was another moment u threw a rock at the raptor that walks in before u enter the big area with the rocks, however, that raptor walking in is a scripted event to inform the player that the area is full of rapots therefor the raptor will ignore the rock in that particular moment. This is a fault in the game's design and I should probably remove that rock to avoid this comfussion.

Also you mentioned how the raptor dont spot you from 5 feet away. I undestand the criticism, however I think most stealth games suffer one way or another from this, where you are standing a few feets away from enemies and they don't spot you. Its hard to make a stealth games with realistic enemies. But I'll definitely keep it in mind.

The rock segment road I definitely see where you're coming from. I had not initally planned to add that segment, however I end up creating that segment to add more build up before the player encounters the dinosaurs for the first time. But I can definitely change the level design for that.

Anyway Im not defending this game as great, I'm actually planning on redesigning a lot of stuff. This was meant as an alpha demo, and not an actual official game demo. Also, you mentioned how there wasn't much horror, I made the demo as both an adventure and horror game which may explain the lack of horror. However, I'll also keep that criticism in mind in the future.

Thank you very much for the critique. Dont feel bad about it because I very much needed some criticism for this game to help me in the future development.

Oh definitely, didn't mean to offend you, so I'm glad you found it useful!
I think the game has potential for sure, just needs a lot more work. But, as I said in the video, I am by far no game developer, so I get how hard it must be to create one! I just thought I'd share my experience playing, as well as a huge horror fan.

I do understand what you meant with the stealth games though.. Often the enemies will indeed not spot you. That's why I thought perhaps setting it at night, it would make a bit more sense. And it adds up to the horror element too!

Also, I did indeed screw up a few times with the rocks haha, but glad to know it was supposed to be that way!
I'm looking forward to see where this game will be going for sure!

Thanks man appreciate yout feedback

Hilarious time...

Absolutely love and was horrified by this game. 

The previews of the game look great, however I immediately encountered a bug where none of the main menu buttons are clickable. Anyone have a fix for this/know where exactly you would have to click to actually play the game?

Hey sorry about that, I've never seen anyone experience the bug. I know it's much to ask but if you could send me a vid demonstrating the bug I might get a better idea what is going on. Out of curiosity, what is your screen resolution? Let me know, thanks.

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Hi I had a bug, where I couldn't click anything on the main menu. I was unable to play the game. EDIT: It seems like I have to click on odd parts of the screen to click your buttons.

Hey sorry about that. That's really weird, out of curiosity, what is your screen resolution?

1440x900 (I'm using an older monitor due to space restrictions)

The whole time I was playing this, the Jurassic Park theme was playing in my head. Love the small piece of nostalgia this game brought and the tense stand off at the end. Love it!

Great graphics and everything I LOVE IT! :)

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Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

This was awesome ! ! !

What's this? A horror dinosaur game? It's been a very long while. First we have Deathground, fanmade Dino Crisis remake, and now this! How fun! We do need more dinosaur horror games since there's a lot about zombies already

I wonder how many kinds of dinosaurs are there and whether there's an actual story about it?

Great Game!

Great game! I always wanted a horror dinosaur game. Can't wait for the full release!


Amazing! This game was pretty enjoyable. It looks great, runs well, and anything with dinosaurs is always a 10/10 from me. Super excited for the full project's release.

Interesting game the final game will be a fun game to play.

i love it mate

check my simple game too please

i would really appreciate :)

I loved it! Very short and very few dinosaurs but it was a very respectable game for just a single developer! Keep it up!

Totally enjoyed this demo. Shows little bits of all that could be combined to make a much bigger game. Great job!

THIS WAS SO COOL!!!! I never felt so many mixed emotions, from nearly crying with joy at the beginning lol, to FREAKING FEELING PETRIFIED. literally my heart beat and pulse went everywhere πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­.  That last level was just 😭😭😭😭, my life literally went away XD. Thank you for capturing the beauty and terror of the island! Can't wait for the full game on steam!!!

The sneak level with the 3 velociraptors was very hard and almost made me rage quit haha but i was finally able to do it. Cant wait for updates to your great game! 


You've made my childhood fantasies come true , also some of my childhood nightmares so swings and roundabouts I suppose... This is incredible, I am fully in love with this game!!

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Thank you, glad you enjoted itπŸ™


Great job on this. I dig it. It looks great and it's pretty damn fun. That last part was a challenge but I managed to finally get past those pesky raptors, haha